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A doberman & lurcher (greyhound deer hound) puppies playing hard, Australia. VIDEO

monty oscar doberman lucrher dogsIt is true that Dobermen dogs and lurcher (greyhound and deerhound) typically need a more specialised trainer and dedicated owner than those that own regular (more typical companion dogs) or smaller dogs. It is not just the size of the dogs, but the purpose for which they were bred that needs consistent training techniques, to ensure safe play.

That is why it is always refreshing to see owners of such dogs regularly taking them out to maintain their level of social play. I confirmed this with a quick conversation with them on the day of filming.

These two dogs were seen recently at a local park. Yes they are both under two years old, but that doesn't ensure that they will continue 'puppy' playing or playing without causing harm. Some of the time large dogs don't understand the force with which they are playing, and the less they are exposed regularly to other dogs that play socially, the harder it is to regulate their play and eventually self regulate.

You will see in this video that these two dogs have a lot of previous play history together, and are aware of the others play skills. This high social awareness allows these two large and fast dogs to play near the maximum of their play abilities without any major concern for the other dogs owner. They are also essentially playing hard with each other, and other dogs that they have known, not indiscriminately playing hard with any new dog that comes near.

This is the first and last time I have seen either of these two dogs, and I am in no way connected with them. However as you will see they are a credit to their breeds and owners for the fun they bring to each other and the park.

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